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Bebee Watson

      Here I am.... 

Dr. Bebee Watson knew she had a special calling on her life at a very young age.

When we understand the pain in life it becomes a song within our spirit. The journey that we call "life" can make us or break us. Coming from a broken home with her father walking away from her mother and seven girls was just the beginning of all the pain she endured.

 After completing school and starting her own family she took the back seat to see where her life would go. She endured many storms and tests on her personal journey, but her faith kept her rooted and grounded.

She has captured in numerous, priceless journals, conversations and books.

Bebee Watson's talk show, "Can A Sister Talk” (based on her book of the same name) is now airing worldwide on (Bebee & Friends Network / Blogtalk Radio) and WCJS Radio in Maryland with a desire to see people and especially youth to rise up and live the lives they were called to live.

Bebee states, "'Can A Sister Talk ' was given to me to help not only women, but men and youth as well.

Her listeners witness healings, breakthroughs, and wisdom to help carry them while on their journey. Her faithful listening audience is over 500,000 and most recently made the Top 50 Best Black Blogs for African Americans in 2016.

She is also the Founder/CEO of Embrace Magazine, "balo" greeting card line which titles her new book (21 Days – Love Language of Intimacy) as well as the charitable organization, "Faith of an Angel." Faith of an Angel specializes in hosting Benefits Concerts for children with disabilities, sicknesses, and diseases throughout the country. In 2014, she launched the women's conference, "Wake Up, Women! Victory Conference" taken from her book, Can A Sister Talk.  She is also Co-Author of the book, Victim No More. She is in the process of releasing her books “ CAST ( Caring Achieving Succeeding Together)- 10 Step Walk It Out Program and Leadership Guide.

Leadership Program”  She has traveled the globe doing many seminars, workshops and conferences to equip women, men and youth for a better tomorrow.


She has appeared on the following television stations as well: TBN, Dove Broadcasting, Babbie’s House with Babbie Mason, WATC-Atlanta Live, WBPI-Club 36 with Dorothy Spaulding, and TCT’s Rejoice, as well as been featured in articles in local and national newspapers, magazines, and radio stations.

Dr. Bebee Watson holds an Honorary Doctorate Degree as well as degrees in Education, Counseling, Management, Life Coaching and Ministerial.

Each day is a new opportunity for her to use her gifts combined with her unique style to reach audiences of all backgrounds, as she is most comfortable amongst the real people.

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